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From the opening track, Bolero, it is clear that The Core is a no-nonsense jazz band, hell-bent on making the kind of music they not only like to play, but like to listen to. With a strong melodic base, Møster pushes his sax to the sonic limits, sustaining a loose and free statement of the melody in view, even when it is far beyond what could reasonably be called "tenor".

On Brooklyn Serenade, there is a promise of bright lights, fast cars and an iconic skyline: a promise that Slettevoll's urbane playing delivers, alongside Møster's sax, alternating between anguish and joy over the solid rhythm work of Raknes and Aalberg.

Song for Eive comes in swinging, not so much like jazz, but like a prize fighter, fast-shuffling his feet, jabbing and strutting. Møster and Slettevoll provide the melodic solos that overlay an unstoppable rhythmic engine.

Free-Bird lives up to its name, soaring and diving, swooping and sweeping, allowing itself to rise and fall on the currents that ebb and flow beneath its wings.

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