Erlend Slettevoll is a pianist, keyboardist, arranger and composer who works before a wide range of musical expressions. He has a degree in jazz from the Department of Music, NTNU, Trondheim, where he studied under Vigleik Storaas. He has been in Oslo since 2006 and is working as a full-time musician.

He first became known for his energetic style of playing in projects like The Core and Petter Wettre Quartet. Later, he has worked before a large range of expressions, from sublte acoustic music with Beate Lech and Steinar Raknes Quartet, to heavy electronic soundscapes in bands like Grand General and Astro Sonic.

Erlend Slettevoll has collaborated with many Norwegian and international musicians, and participates on more than 40 album releases. He has worked with artists like Steinar Raknes, John Surman, Petter Wettre, Kjetil Møster, Jørgen Mathisen, Ola Kvernberg, Kenneth Kapstad, John Pål Inderberg, Ine Hoem, Håkon Mjåset Johansen, Beate Lech, Gard Nilssen, Eirik Hegdal, Heidi Skjerve And Espen Aalberg. In addition he works with projects / musicians like Mathias Eick, Arild Andersen, Karin Krog, Magnus Broo, Jonas Kullhammar, Torbjörn Zetterberg, Django Bates, Bjørn Vidar Solli, Georg Riedel and Juini Booth.

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Personal information

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Erlend Slettevoll 26/10 1981 0192 OSLO Norway


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Albums as band member

Mayhall's Object, Jørgen Mathisen's Instant Light 2019
Mode, Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 2016
Clouds, Ole Marius Sandberg 2014
Or better still, Ole Marius Sandberg 2013
Live in Tokyo, Steinar Raknes Quartet 2013
Grand General, Grand General 2013
Min Song og Hjarteskatt 2011
The Rainbow band sessions 2011
Inside the Beehive, Audun Automat 2011
Fountain of Youth - Live! 2009
The Art of no Return, The Core 2009
Night Creatures, Audun Automat 2008
Meditations On Coltrane 2008
Morning News of the Woods 2008
Golonka Love, The Core 2008
The Indian Core, The Core 2008
Fountain of Youth 2007
Office Essentials, The Core 2007
African Pepperbirds, African Pepperbirds 2006
Blue Sky, The Core 2006
Coming Home 2006
Vision, The Core 2004